The home of Robin Hood and now unemployed ex-students…


So it has finally happened, my student card has officially expired and, with my head hung low, I have to embarassingly ask to be let into a university library. Why would I need to be let into the library when I’ve finished my degree I hear you ask; in order to take that next step and apply for jobs in the ‘real world’ would be my response. Now I have only spent a limited amount of time in the unemployed world so do not feel readily equipped to express my thoughts and feelings about it, yet. This weekend, however, I spent appproximately fourteen hours telling young seventeen year olds to come and study at Nottingham and I truly believe they should for reasons I am very knowledgable on.

My opening line ‘Come to Nottingham because….’ would change from person to person. There are reasons  that I loved studying at Nottingham that would want to make others run for the hills, but here they are: my 5 reasons for loving my three years (excluding my year abroad) at the University of Nottingham, and probably my 5 reasons for not wanting to leave.

1. The Music Department.

Undoubtedly the most socialble, the most enjoyable and the biggest part of the first two years of my degree. How can a department be such things? Well, it was never just the department, although there was nothing the lecturers would not do to help you in any aspect of university life, it was the people, the ensembles and the way we all came together that made it truly unique. As a music student you would spend many an hour wasted away in the common room (which extended into the library before the introduction of partitioned desks) or planning your work around upcoming socials, balls and concerts. Days as long as 12 hours could be spent in the music department, and as trying as they were, they made us make the most of our university lives.

2. Lenton

Lenton – home to loud students, robberies and a very dodgy council estate. This is how many would describe it. However, it has been the home to me and my friends for the past 3 years and depsite the constant stream of house and car alarms, or even the ambulance and police sirens I would not have lived anywhere else (and this is saying something as the bridge at the end of my road is nicknamed ‘rape bridge’). Between Arcos takeaway, fortune boy’s chinese, little sainsburys, bargain booze or Bag ‘o’ Nails everything you need is in Lenton – oh and the fact that all your friends are within a ten minute walking radius of your house is an added bonus.

3. The Nightlife

From the very first night of freshers I think we all fell in love with Nottingham’s crazy nightlife. EQ (or the Forum for the newbies) was known for its underground, podium filled room with brilliant music. Being part of a group of friends which had the most diverse taste in music possible it was hard to find a club we all enjoyed – EQ was that club. It may have been sweaty and it may have been underground, but the podiums and the DJ shouting ‘the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire’ made up for all its bad points. Nothing ever needs to be said about Ocean, or CRISIS ever again as they have been safetly left behind in our student days. No matter your mood, your music taste or the occassion, Nottingham has everything from your classy cocktail bars to your less than classy clubs. Many memories forever, but probably more to forget for most!

4. The People

Maybe I should stick around and find a job in the Midlands just so people will still call me ‘duck’. The people are lovely and friendly, with of course the odd weirdo floating around, but what city does not have that. The students and staff I worked with at Learn2Learn, who were from the roughest backgrounds, were incredible and took me out of my bubble and into the real world. The people that made my time most special, however, are the UoN students, especially the ones that have stuck with me from that very first year (some of them the very first day) in Lenton and Wortley Hall. Mainly from the south, but we’ll bypass that slight detail, they are the most hilarious, strange, loyal and brilliant group of friends that I could have asked for. Good, bad and ugly pretty much sums them up, and university would have been incredibly boring and difficult without them there!

5. The City

What is not to love about this city. The canal has provided me with numerous running courses as well as hours of thinking time. Nothing can compare to walking by castle marina with the sun beating down on the canal – it is one hell of a picture. The castle and the caves hold so much history and culture and really bring a certain je ne sais pas to the city. Add the culture and the beauty to the old market square and the rows of shops and restaurants and you really know Nottingham has everything you need.

It made be known as Shottingham but I’m still standing (touch wood), and do not think I could have made a better decision in my university choice. On the other hand, as much as I’ve enjoyed my time here a bit of that Robin Hood luck would not go amiss right now in order to launch us back out of the city and into the big wide world of work…


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