The Seat People

You’re tired, you’re missing your bed already (and you only got up 15 minutes ago) and on your walk to the tube station you are trying to mentally prepare yourself for the crowds of like-minded commuters on their way to work.

Now whilst stood at the platform, and making a mental note that you should choose your outfit the night before cause your sleepy eyed self has no fashion sense, you look up and down the platform trying to calculate/guess whether you will be lucky enough to get a seat on your 40 minute commute.

After 7 months of taking the tube to work, I feel like I’ve seen it all, but I know I haven’t! Here are the five people who don’t spend their mornings worrying about people sticking bags in their face or crashing into them in a bid to board an already jam-packed train. These are the seat people:

1. The Deserving

Pregnant, elderly, frail or injured. This is the group of people that you want to sit down or you offer your seat to. Nobody wants to be responsible for the guy on crutches falling over when the train suddenly brakes!

2. The Peepers

These are the passengers,that when the tube is coming to the station that run to where they think the door is going to stop and keep on their toes peering in the windows of the train. They weigh up whether they should run to another door or risk staying where they are!

3. The ‘don’t ask, don’t get’ people

I didn’t think these people existed, until yesterday. This involved a young man and friend asking two people to give up their seats for them. They did, assuming they had an ailment that made standing for long periods difficult. The boys simply sat down and said ‘didn’t think that would work – don’t ask don’t get’! Touche, albeit mean and against every tube rule.

4. The angry commuter

Simply put; they push past everyone to get to the front of the queue of people to board. Then, they ignore the station announcers and do not ‘wait for all passengers to get off the train before boarding’ and run, push and do whatever they can to get any available seat. It always brings a smile to your face when, rarely, they don’t get one.

5. The clever/insane ones

The commuter who walks back a station or two away from their destination to where the train is less busy to board. Fair play.

It’s nice to relax in a seat on your journey to work, but at least try to adhere to some kind of ‘tube code of conduct’ whilst finding your seat!


About maryv1990

Wandering graduate, working her way into adult life whilst making some detours to Europe and other countries...
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