Living with a Boy; THAT illness changes everything


The beginning of a relationship takes a large amount of preparation time in order to look your best at all times. Those first few dates, well the boyfriend had never seen me better! Make up, hair straightening, making sure all those spots are covered up and there were no miscellaneous lines of hairs on my legs that I’d missed (still not sure how that happens). Granted, when you move in together this tends to slide a lot more. When someone sees you the day after a big night, or just generally first thing in the morning every single day, with no make-up and the plethora of spots that have appeared over night and doesn’t run a mile, you’re doing OK! Then you come back from holiday with a travellers bug, and you are now rocking the “grey-faced” look, the worst you have ever adopted. I learnt a few things:

  1. Goodbye self-respect

Usually in these situations you would confide in your parents or closest friends as to what was going on in your stomach during these sorts of bugs. Let’s face it, it’s hardly a runny nose, which can also be classed as horrible. But when you live with someone else in your room, and your room is next to the toilet, and then the boyfriend starts asking if it is safe to use the toilet, let alone when you have to tell them to hurry up…let’s just say there are no longer any secrets and that ounce of self-respect and modesty you had in the relationship is now gone. It’s like losing a good friend.

  1. Make the most of it

I didn’t, by the way. However, looking back now there are a few things I would change, things that may make you more comfortable and feel just a little bit better

  • A bell – because why not?
  • “Please can I just have a bit more duvet, no, more than that, and some space – you know, because I feel so ill”
  • “You know I’ve left some stuff on the floor? Can you just tidy everything up for me so I have a clear route to the bathroom”

You know the stuff you would never get away with before, but now you have your moment!

  1. They notice the tiniest bit of make up

The grey look isn’t one I would choose to rock on day to day basis, because let’s face it, no-one likes getting told you look “grey”, “rough” and the worst of all “peaky”. So you wake up and put that little bit of foundation on and the boyfriend greets you with:

“WOW – you look so much better!”

He may not have taken in to consideration that before he got to the end of the sentence I was running out of the room, but the sentiment was there and considering he sometimes doesn’t notice when I have my haircut, this was something else!

Then comes the real test of your relationship:

Do you still love them even though you saw them eating your favourite meal under your nose while you were struggling to drink water, or when you saw them sleeping soundly for 8 hours while you couldn’t make it 30 minutes. I let it slide…


About maryv1990

Wandering graduate, working her way into adult life whilst making some detours to Europe and other countries...
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