Marrying a Boy: The Basics

N.B the Boyfriend will remain “the Boyfriend” for this series, even though he is my fiancé, I just can’t say it constantly without sounding pretentious (french words in a northern accent!). So when you read boyfriend, say fiancé in your head! 🙂

The Boyfriend did good. Ayers Rock, sunset, my amazing grandmother’s engagement ring and the perfect proposal. The happiest day of my life so far and the start of another adventure together.

A few of our close friends and family members have already tied the knot, so through the grape vine we had heard whispers about the cost, the politics and the sheer number of decisions you have to make.

We are on month four of being engaged and after two months travelling and spending 24/7 together I felt I knew the Boyfriend like the back of my hand. Then we started planning our wedding…

The basics: date & venue

One thing we did agree on is the beautiful church, where many a happy and sad family occasion has been held, where I grew up, where we will say our vows. That was the easy decision.

Then we got to the reception venue:

The Boyfriend: “How about the 21st September?”

Me: “The venue doesn’t have that date available, what about a week later”

The Boyfriend: “Well it will probably be colder and wetter that day”

Me: “I’m sorry, a week later?”

The Boyfriend: “Yes you’re basically in October”

We are getting married in the north of England, on the coast – when it comes to weather, anything goes, whatever the date.

Me: “How about this lovely barn which is part of a manor hall, it’s a graded building, very romantic?”

The Boyfriend: “The brickwork doesn’t match.”

Me: “Really? On your wedding day you are going to notice the brick work not matching?”

The Boyfriend: “Maybe…”

It’s not just the boyfriend being picky and unimaginative:

Me: “It’s too clinical.”

The Boyfriend: “What do you mean? It looked amazing with the views out the window!”

Me: “I can’t visualise our wedding when this person has chosen white and silver as their colours in a white room.” (It did look clinical and I would advise against just having these colours)

Then there were things that I never thought we would pick out:

“The bar isn’t big enough.” – don’t worry future guests, we didn’t go with that venue, the one we did has a large bar for you all to fight over getting served at!

“I won’t be able to walk on these cobbles with any sort of heels, and knowing my friends we may have a few people falling over, especially after a couple of glasses of wine” – notice the theme here?

The big one was – what if it rains? We need somewhere with lots of inside space which will avoid us and our guests not getting drenched for the most part. For those of you that have never been to Southport, the odds of rain are higher than average I would say. If it’s not raining, it’s windy. Not southern windy, real wind that cuts through you. However, have a few proseccos and I’m sure you won’t feel it – we never did aged 18 on nights out in short dresses! (There is a definite theme).

Then we did it.

One pro/con list later, a mild heart attack at the cost and we made a decision.

We thought getting engaged was a big decision, then the venue seemed like a huge hurdle. Then we started looking at colours…


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